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Education Institute

The Education Institution is a grant-funded center within the College of Education at Texas State University.  We are a nationally recognized resource providing quality research and innovative educational services collaborating with communities, professional organizations, and education institutions.  


A global leader and partner conducting quality research and providing innovative education services to communities, school systems, professional organizations, and education institutions.


Every person is provided high-quality education and equitable opportunities to achieve economic sustainability.


  • Committed to outstanding research, service, and leadership
  • Dedicated to excellence and innovation
  • Promoter of lifelong learning
  • Shared responsibility and collaboration
  • A leader in diversity, equity, and social justice


  • Establish global partnerships for research, development, outreach, and leadership.
  • Conduct quality research and offer innovative education services.
  • Offer professional development and learning opportunities to cover a wide range of services addressing the needs of diverse communities.
  • Practice and promote diversity, social justice, and civic education/participation.
  • Support the strategic direction of the College of Education and Texas State University.